Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

In the Spring of 2024, I took a course (Media Production for Social Change) that gave me the opportunity to work directly with a local non-profit, the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank. Throughout the semester, I worked with a classmate to develop a short social media campaign to increase the amount of high schoolers who volunteer with this organization over the summer. This campaign involved two parts: Instagram/Facebook posts and a short video. We also worked to follow and improve the organization’s existing branding.

Part 1

The above document is what we sent to the organization after completing the first part of this campaign. The posts highlighted in yellow are the ones I created, but we came up with the ideas together to create a cohesive campaign that would meet our goal.

Part 2

For the second part of this project, my partner and I each interviewed people from the food bank and filmed one of their volunteer events to create two videos that fit into our campaign.

My video was titled “Why Volunteer?” Click here to access a Dropbox folder with the video. I also created a video description and thumbnail that the organization can use if they choose to post this video online.


While volunteering at the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank has a positive impact on our community, it can also provide many benefits to you as a young adult! Dominique Thomas, our volunteer coordinator, explains more about why you should join our mission. Learn about all the benefits volunteering can have on you and visit to sign up now. 

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