Allies of Accessibility

In Not-for-Profit Communication Campaigns in Fall of 2022, I collaborated with my classmates Cora Denny and Adrianna Giddings to create a not-for-profit communication campaign about an issue affecting UMW students. We focused on educating UMW students about what accessibility is and how it looks on this campus/ how it can be improved. We created objectives, drafted a future plan, conducted a survey on student awareness, and began creating educational content and promotional materials for this campaign. Our work can be found on the following website and Instagram page.

Throughout my time at UMW, I have completed many projects on topics that I am passionate about, but this might be one of the works I am proudest of. I have grown very passionate about the importance of accessibility, and strove to uphold digital accessibility standards throughout the work I produce.

Allies of Accessibility Website

Allies of Accessibility Instagram

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