Perfect Loop GIF

Process and Concept Explanation

I had a bit of a difficult time with my concepts for this project, especially for my cinemagraph. I wanted to do something involving nature, but there aren’t many places I could think to go where I wouldn’t have a bunch of other students in the background, and there aren’t too many dynamic spots on campus that would have made an interesting cinemagraph. I also tried to use mirrors and only have the movement showing in a reflection, but I couldn’t get a subtle enough movement that would loop well. After several different video attempts and concepts, I decided to come up with GIFS that show things I do daily. My cinemagraph shows me pouring water from a Brita in my water bottle. I masked the water stream and inverted it in every layer. I also went frame by frame to deselect any part of the stream that looked strange, because the Brita moved in my hand when I filmed and messed up parts of the stream. For my perfect loop, I knew I wanted to do something involving forgetting things whenever I leave my dorm, so I had a friend model for me. This process was a lot simpler because all I had to do was crop the video so that less detail was shown and that it would be short enough to maintain a small file size.

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